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Web applications development


Current technology features that are commonly included in JLK projects:

  • Simple and powerful front end; usually Bootstrap
  • PHP Framework CodeIgniter
  • MySQL database
  • LAMP Stack (Linux OS, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, PHP environment)
  • CMS (Content Mangement System) such as Wordpress

The above are the mostly used technologies by JLK Consulting. However, it doesn't mean that alternatives will not be used if a customer desires different options.

Current Projects


Fair-Ball solves the issues of dramas that plague many youth baseball teams. It is not only baseball stats program, but using unique formulas also creates ideal team lineups for upcoming games.

ARRL EB Section

This is a portal for ARRL Eeast Bay Section that provides information for Ham Radio Amateurs in San Francisco East Bay area.

Birotary Engine

Birotary Engine is a unique invention by a brilliant engineer from Czech Republic. It involves a true revolution in internal combustion engine designs.

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